Records, Records

retro records are worth the dig

retro records are worth the dig

In many thrift stores, you will find a media section. This is my favorite place to discover new music.

Collecting records is fun not only because of the music, but also because of the album art. In our next apartment, I’ll probably frame some and hang them on the wall.

What type of vintage media do you collect?

To see some of my vintage treasure, check out my etsy shop at We have a great collection of cool New England vintage treasure. Also check out our sister take care!


2 responses to “Records, Records

  1. A local salvage store (for east coasters, it’s called the Christmas Tree Shop) sells frames designed to fit records for 3.99 each. So I have records hanging in more than one room of my house and I change them out every so often. When the records are 50cents or a dollar, it is cheap, retro art!

  2. thanks for the tip! I’ll have to go to Christmas Tree Shops and get the frames. 🙂

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